Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vanessa Taylor: Author of "Text. Love. Power." and Los Angeles Dating Coach

Text and date with results! 

I'm Vanessa Taylor, author of Text. Love. Power., and international authority on what makes men pursue women. 

My clients, Platinum Girls, play hard-to-get because they know that being mysterious makes a man chase. I coach women on creating this appeal so they get the men they must have. 

Imagine -- dating without stress about where your relationship is going. Best of all -- no heartbreak! 

  • Need help with texting so he stays interested. 
  • Wonder if you should reply to the text he just sent or can accept a date by text.
  • Think he is losing interest and you want it back -- FAST!
  • Were dumped and want him back or broke up with him and now regret it.
  • Want to play hard-to-get between and on dates so he always asks for another.
  • Feel upset he hasn't called, especially to set up plans for the weekend.
  • Were stood-up for the date.
  • Are in a relationship and don't want it ruined with needy behavior.
  • Wonder where the good men are who want relationships.
  • Desire a relationship with a man who has a great career.
  • Need pointers on playing hard-to-get at singles events, bars, parties, and online.
  • Are hung-up on the ex and need to get back into the dating scene.
  • Want help writing an online dating profile and responding to men’s emails.
  • Would like to find a local photographer for online photos and pointers for your shoot.
  • Need a makeover or help picking-out what to wear for the date.
  • Played hard-to-get perfectly, but have a question because you're afraid to mess up.
  • Met him recently and want to make sure it was a perfect beginning.
  • Want to re-cap the date to make sure you were hard-to-get.
  • Have any other hard-to-get questions!