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The Truth about Texting and Dating

You probably know a single woman who:
  • Complains that men text her, but never call to ask for dates.
  • Texts men who are not interested in her.
  • Wants a relationship or marriage, but can’t master texting and dating.
  • Hurts because the man she likes is no longer texting her.
  • Sexts with men and is being treated badly.
Perhaps you see yourself in this scenario and want to change your texting and dating habits so you can achieve better results with men.

When it comes to navigating texting and dating, I don’t make the rules—I just report them.

I will bring my experience and expertise to your audience to encourage your women listeners to:
  • Use the power of texting —and not texting to pique a man’s interest.
  • Overcome their fears about what happens if they stop texting.
  • Find empowerment using technology while getting and keeping their guy.
  • Establish respect in their relationships by not being so easily accessible.
  • Learn common sense solutions to texting and dating challenges.
Who needs such secrets? Single women, divorcees, teens, women with girlfriends who are texting and dating.

CREDENTIALS: I am a Rules dating coach who delivers a controversial and riveting dating philosophy with passion and sass. I teach women to get their man by playing hard-to-get.

AVAILABILITY: Los Angeles, California, worldwide by arrangement and via telephone.

CONTACT: Vanessa Taylor, (818) 945-1569 (CA);;


1. Can you give a brief synopsis of Text. Love. Power.? (1 minute)

2. How does your book tie into The Rules? (1 minute)

3. Both of the authors of The Rules are married. You are not. Why are you qualified to offer women advice on texting? (1 minute)

4. How is your book different than the other books on the market about texting and dating? (2 minutes)

5. Two chapters of your book are about getting a man to ask for a woman's phone number. Why is this relevant to texting? (1 minute)

6. Why do men text for dates instead of call? (1 minute)

7. Why do you think that women should not be texting? (2 minutes)

8. How does not texting empower women?  (1 minute)

9. What can a woman do to stop texting once she has started? (1 minute)

10. How can texting lead to sexting? (1 minute)

11. If women should not be texting, why is the second half of your book about what women should say when responding to texts? (2 minutes)

12. Can a woman accept a date via text? (1 minute)

13. Your book seems to condone lying about whether women have the text feature on their phones. How do you reconcile this given relationships should be predicated upon honesty? (2 minutes)

14. What can a woman do to get a man to call, and not text, for a date? (1 minute)

15. Text. Love. Power. is geared towards women who are looking for a relationship or wanting to marry. What advice can you offer younger women and teens? (2 minutes)

16. Besides texting, is there any other form of technology that is presenting dating dilemmas? (2 minutes)

17. Do you foresee a backlash happening with text where both men and women will stop texting? (2 minutes)

18. How does a man know that a woman likes him? (2 minutes)

19. What will men think of a woman who doesn't text? (1 minute)

20. What is the most important Rule to not break? (2 minutes)

21. Is there any room for flirting using your method? (1 minute)