Client Testimonials

Great news, Ron and I are engaged! Your advice really helped me! Thank you! - Kay M.

I really enjoy working with you and find all of this very refreshing, fun, and exciting - not to mention totally "right on." Your support and advice is really invaluable - not to gush too much - but I love it! - Teresa M.

Love you Vanessa! You're the best thing that ever happened to me! You always come up with the best plans! Can I tell you how inspiring you are? Thank you so much for your advice. I have a lot of clarity.  You've given me hope to keep me going after terrible heartbreak. Because of you I am back on and going to singles events. - Kristen M.

You're an amazing mentor, coach and talented person. A lot of women are hurting and need someone like you to guide them. You're super special and I'm blessed to work with you. - Erika T.

This stuff works like a charm! I appreciate all of your insights. Vanessa, you rock and are the master. I can't wait to tell you that I'm engaged! - Katherine N.

I love your positivity. You're my hero right now. You're so prompt about getting back to me. Thanks for protecting me. - Charese M.

It really helped talking. My nerves were raw, but after talking I felt the tension leaving. Thanks for the advice, encouragement, and good laugh! - Karen A.

Your revamping is awesome! Thanks for the ego boost and advice. I'm inspired to change and be the person I was meant to be. You're great! - Dana M.

Thanks again for everything. Your comments were very insightful and helpful. Talking to you gives me loads more confidence than I'd develop by myself in a million years. - Kathy S.

I've been working with Vanessa for about 3 months. I learned how to play hard-to-get as a young woman, but stopped. I used to call men, talked to them and made eye contact first, approached them in social settings, called on weekends, and many other things that didn't work. I worried about why men weren't calling and tried to look more wild. I lived with a man for two years and it was a disaster!

Because of perseverance and Vanessa I changed. Now I don't approach men. I smile a lot, make light and happy conversation, and practice being hard-to-get. I wear my makeup better, fix my hair more nicely, and dress entirely different. Both men and women look and respond to me in a completely different way; I would say more respectful and normal.

I now go to speed-dating events and singles dances. I'm also working on online photos. Whenever Vanessa suggests something new I do it. What I did before didn't work so I tried something different. It works for others so it will work for you!

Work with Vanessa because she knows what she's doing. She's tough, but we need tough sometimes. She's also well-aware of what it takes to get where you want to be which is married to a man who actually wants to be with you and you alone! - Patricia L.