"Text. Love. Power.: The Ultimate Girls Relationship Guide for Texting & Dating"

Finally, an easy-to-understand guide to help you sidestep
texting and dating landmines – without paying tons of money
to a dating coach for answers!

Have you ever received a text from a man and not been sure how to respond? Have you answered too soon and waited for his response which doesn’t come until hours later?

Or, have you wondered whether you’re being too strict and that’s why the relationship isn’t moving forward?

Or, maybe you need reassurance you’re on the right path and getting the best results possible.

There are so many nuances to texting and dating that it’s challenging to know which rules to always follow and when – if ever – there are exceptions.

What if there was a book that answered
all of your texting questions and more?

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who all had the same issues. They were sick of texting with no rewards! A complaint I heard all too often was how much they hated texting and what a nightmare it can be.

But, it shouldn’t be!

So, I went to work and came up with a plan guaranteed to get results with men. Imagine being pursued, asked for dates, and most importantly – not being treated like a pen pal!

It’s why I wrote this book – women wanted answers on how to handle this new form of technology that entered their dating lives.

Here’s the great news – my clients are women who are dating, have boyfriends, and engaged, who have used this book and had results. If they can do it, so can you!


Text. Love. Power.: The Ultimate Girls Relationship Guide for Texting and Dating in the New Millennium

Here’s a sneak peak of the questions you’ll have answered!
·         Getting a man to ask for your number—and text you for a date!
·         Can I accept a date via text?
·         What if he’s a chatty texter?
·         Should I text back if he leaves a voicemail?
·         Can I text to confirm our plans?
·         What if he sends me a text to cancel?
·         What if he texts to say he’s running late?
·         What if he texts to postpone?
·         What if he texts after our date?
·         Should I text him if I forgot to thank him for our date?
·         What if I want to text on a date?
·         Which texts should I ignore?
·         What if he stops texting?

In addition to all of that, you’ll receive
my bonuses as my gift to you!

BONUS #1: There are * Power Pointers * at the end of every chapter in bullet points for quick reference. You won’t have to reread an entire chapter simply for an answer on what text to send. I’ve recapped it all for you!

BONUS #2: A * Power Pop Quiz * immediately follows the Power Pointers. These mini quizzes test your understanding of different texting scenarios.

BONUS #3: * Power Ponder * will take you deeper so you can examine any concerns you have about moving forward in a relationship where you’re texting.

Read some reviews from women who’ve tried
the advice and had great results!

After reading this awesome book it really shed light on issues not just about texting but other things I would personally do to ruin a relationship before it even starting and taking off successfully. The book shows you how to take control and put an end to all of that madness. – Eva

This book was exactly what I needed to stick to my guns and follow the rules of texting. I did not respond to a man’s texts and he made the effort to call. I recommend this book to anyone, of any age ( I am 40) who thought a man's texts are cute, thoughtful and just a way to communicate now-a-days... WRONG! – Karen

Before sending any desperate texts, I read a paragraph or two of Text. Love. Power. I’m inspired to stay strong and hold out for the very best treatment from a man. Since I downloaded it, I’ve already stopped myself from making several bad moves! Vanessa’s advice is explained in real-life stories that capture just about all of our modern dating blunders. I love the actual advice about what to say and do in each situation. Now I feel completely armored with high self-esteem and ready to handle just about any situation. It's like having my best friend (the real friend who tells you what you sometimes don't want to hear but know in your heart is right) at my fingertips. – KBM 

Text.Love.Power encourages women in my age group (18-35) to text smartly when it comes to dating. It's a great book for those women out there (like me) who are serious about finding Mr. Right and refuse to settle for just anyone. Following these rules will help you single out those that are seriously interested in dating you and those who are looking for a fling. It will also help you decide whether a guy is really worth your time or a second date. It has helped me do just that! Jo

Women need to read this if they want the man of their dreams to pursue and fall in love with them in the modern dating world. As I experienced before reading this book, texting is a huge landmine in dating that must be dealt with very carefully or the man will lose interest in you! Vanessa thoroughly explains tried and true texting methods and answers every question you could have about texting with a man. Her methods help weed out men who waste your time! I promise you’ll learn so much! I love the mini quizzes at the end of every chapter because they're very helpful in remembering what to do in any texting situation! I highly recommend this to book to any woman who wants to be courted by the man of her dreams! – Katie

So, what does it cost?

$2.97. That’s it. No gimmicks. Nothing required for purchase later. No recurring monthly renewal fees. Oh, and it's cheaper to purchase off of this page than any other store on the internet -- Amazon and iTunes included!

All I ask is that you apply the advice and give it a chance to work.

Plus, you have my personal, no hassle
100% money-back guarantee

If you purchase my book now and are not satisfied, contact me during the next 30 days and tell me. I'll gladly and promptly refund your purchase. No questions asked.

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So, are you ready? Let’s get you started on a whole new way of thinking about texting and dating!

Vanessa Taylor
a.k.a. The Texting and Dating Expert

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